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If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it.

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aimee mann, alice cooper, andrea bocelli, ani difranco, arrested development, art, art noveau, bad girls, banned books, biology, black and white photography, blur, bob marley, books, british humour, british literature, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, chocolate, coffee, computers, converse, corsets, creativity, creed, david bowie, eddie izzard, edgar allan poe, edith piaf, ellen degeneres, england, fairy tales, family guy, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, femmeslash, fiction, film, flogging molly, food, foreign films, friends, gay marriage, gay rights, ghostbusters, godspeed you black emperor, graphics, green day, halloween, harry potter, hayate cross blade, history, horror, iceland, icons, imelda may, intelligence, jacques brel, janice joplin, jimmy hendrix, johnny cash, kali, kate bush, korn, kt tunstall, law, led zeppelin, literature, live, london, luciano pavarotti, lush, macbeth, magic, manga, medicine, metallica, mock the week, movies, mucha, music, narrative, nine inch nails, nirvana, oasis, opera, paganism, paris, pearl jam, photography, piercings, pink floyd, poetry, politics, procrastination, psychology, puccini, queen, radiohead, rage against the machine, rammstein, ramones, reading, religion, rem, rock, sarcasm, sexual tension, shakespeare, shopping, shoujo-ai, sleeping, sociology, soundgarden, tarot, tattoos, the baseballs, the beatles, the cure, the west wing, tina turner, toni morrison, tool, tori amos, tracy chapman, travel, u2, west wing, women's rights, words, writing, yuri, yvonne atkins
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